Wooden Wardrobe Designs 2019 – Best Which Types The One For You?

As a post college graduate, or someone far beyond that point, the concept of owning a wooden wardrobe 2019 seems like a piece of furniture as a memory of the past, or a dream of a future piece of furniture to look forward to.

In the meantime, though, it is a simple icon of upward motivation, something one would purchase once the right home were to be discovered, or landing the ideal career.

A vestige for comfort and organization in the limbo one might experience after leaving the amenities given to them once the conveniences of school are left behind.

Choosing a new wooden wardrobe, to many younger adults starting a new life in a new house, could essentially represent a sense of grounding, a sense of home and organization within the bedroom.  For others more established in a career, it could more simply be an upgrade from hand me down furniture, furniture that you’re tired of owning,  or simply nothing at all.  Therein lies the personal question, “I want a wooden wardrobe 2019, what style works best for me, and what can I find in my price range?”

For a modern and efficient addition to the room one might consider a wooden wardrobe 2019 such as the Mighty Closet, a doorless boxy stand alone closet piece at an affordable price.  This type of wardrobe 2019 takes up less space, as it tends to be more shallow than others yet with the absence of doors the worry about cramping clothes on hangers is minimized.  The lines are simple and some options come with a curtain to cover the contents without compromising the convenience of the lack of boundaries.  Similar frames can be found in a myriad of locales, such as the icon of affordable furniture, Ikea.  The slim build wooden wardrobe style 2019 is often equipped with wheels or rollers making it functional in any area of the room regardless of the size or shape.  An ideal choice for someone living in a small space without a closet, or simply wanting to add more storage area while taking up as little space as possible.

As far as a more ornate vision of a wooden wardrobe 2019, one might think of the iconic piece from the C.S. Lewis Narnia chronicles, most commonly thought of: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  It is a large wood piece of furniture steadily established in a large vast room providing the main presence in the vicinity.  Due to the content of the story it is typically associated with a traditional British style of wooden wardrobe with elaborate engravings on the front and made from heavy wood.  It has two doors that open into a space that involves two rails leading into the wardrobe rather than one spanning the width, allowing for more depth.  In the most recent film adaptation it is a looming wooden closet 2019 that is seemingly built into the structure of the mansion, though only in the imagination, while not actually being completely attached to the wall or floor.  The true version of this piece of furniture would be more suited for a very large, most likely old, estate, and at the same time similar structures can be found that would fit in somewhat smaller locations.  Both large and small versions tend to be pricey, and most likely found at a location such as an estate auction.

For those seeking a wooden wardrobe 2019 of more uses than merely a space to store clothes there is the option of a multipurpose wardrobe, such as the Pulaski Beckenham collection.  The featured wardrobe is a standard antique style with brass handles, leaf carvings, and the standard rod inside for hanging clothes.  This type of wardrobe has the build of an antique on the outside, yet inside it can be used as a space for a television rather than a standup closet.  The doors can be opened to allow a slide out back panel for a television.  The doors “feature bookend veneers giving a symmetrical appearance, and a dignified attention to detail.”

There is also the incredibly high end distributor such as Arredo, a European based company, which specializes in very elite furniture including high end bedroom amenities such as wooden wardrobes 2019.  Though not entirely wood, they are meticulously assembled on site and have won wide acclaim around the world.

Wooden wardrobes 2019 are functional in many ways.  Most are easily moved to accommodate space as needed depending on the fluidity of furniture rearrangement in the room.  Most have a rod for hanging clothes on hangars, though some can merely be a large set of drawers.  Older wardrobes frequently tend towards intricate carvings and paintings on the outside whereas the more modern versions tend to veer in a more sleek and precise direction, utilizing flat surfaces, solid panels, and distinct corners and trims.

Built in wooden wardrobes are convenient for maximizing space in the room as they tend not to consume floor space.  However, since they are already permanent they limit the possibility of rearranging a room.  This type of wardrobe would be more suited towards someone who is ready to establish exactly how the room is going to be situated and settle in for the long term.

Stand alone wooden wardrobes offer more flexibility as they can be shifted around and rearranged as often as the owner wants.  A separate wardrobe can also be moved with the owner, which is an added convenience for someone living in an urban setting and may move multiple times before settling down, quite often possible locations where regular closet space does not provide enough space.

The wide variety of wooden wardrobes available to the current consumer is vast, both in price and style, as are the array of venues in which to seek the one that offers the most suitable selection for the individual.  Popular options for more current and immediate purchases include stores such as Ikea, Crate & Barrel, and even Pier One, if searching for a more affordable wardrobe, depending on decor and taste.

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