Window Blinds and Shades 2019

Windows are an important part of our home. They let in light, allow us to enjoy a view of the outside and give our homes an open, spacious feeling. They can be a formidable challenge when it comes to dressing them up but window blinds and shades 2019– have always been excellent solutions. These days there are so many colors, choices and styles that the only problem we have is which to choose!

Vinyl Window Blinds and Shades 2019

Vinyl window blinds can be a good solution when you want maximum light combined with easy care and low maintenance. You can choose vertical or horizontal styles in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Vinyl window blinds are especially popular in dusty climates as clean up can be as simple as hosing them off in the backyard! This style of window treatment is ideal whether you have a sliding patio door, a large picture window or even a conventional style rectangular window. Vinyl window blinds are light weight, easy to care for and maintenance is minimal.

Arched Window Blinds and Shades 2019

Arched windows are dramatic and beautiful but presented quite a challenge before the development of arched window blinds. You can choose cellular, pleated or even wooden shades to dress up an arched window, depending on which style fits with the rest of your décor. Pleated shades provide texture and depth while cellular shades allow more light to enter. A wooden shade with decorative cutouts requires minimal upkeep and provides a stunning focal point to a room. With all these beautiful window dressings, it’s small wonder that arched windows are so popular!

Wood Window Blinds and Shades 2019

Wood window blinds have come a long way from the dark, heavy window treatments they used to be. New coatings allow for easy cleaning and upkeep and lightweight composition means they no longer sag in the middle eventually. Wood window blinds are sophisticated, elegant and provide a luxurious atmosphere to even the most austere décor. You can choose from wide or narrow slats, light or darkly stained wood or even wood window blinds that are embossed or patterned.

Horizontal Window Blinds 2019

Horizontal window blinds are what we are used to seeing in most homes. They are popular because they allow light to be controlled depending on how far you want to open the slats. They provide maximum privacy while adding another layer of insulation to your windows in the summer and winter. There are hundreds of different materials, colors and patterns to choose from, allowing for customization as well as creativity and beauty. You might want to choose mini blinds with very narrow slats or enjoy the return of the attractive wide slats so popular before the 1990’s. Either style dresses up a window with simple elegance that complements curtains and other window dressings.

If you are someone who considers the environment as a priority then you may want to consider bamboo shades and blinds as an alternative option.  These are good on the environment as well as being a natural plant which means it is slowly growing all the time.  They also look beautiful too.

Window blinds and shades 2019– are one of the least expensive ways to change the look of a room and beautify your home. Whether you’re going for a chic and sophisticated look, a warm and cozy atmosphere or anything in between, window blinds and shades are the perfect way to decorate!

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