White and Refreshing Apartment Design in 2019

Here is a refreshing and extremely modern interior design which definitely very striking. The USP of this design is the use of white almost everywhere in the house. This house has a minimalist décor that is very clear cut. Located in Berlin, Germany this design is done by Frankfurt based architecture studio. Although the building in which this apartment is situated, is old however the interiors are exceptionally modern and unbelievably fantastic. The simplicity and grace that white color exudes is quite invigorating. Where ever you see color in this apartment, its inclusion is quite meaningful. It adds a sense of elegance and charm to the décor.

The diagonal cupboard doors render a contemporary and stylish look to the cupboards and storage space. And whenever the doors are opened you see a tinge of color peeking through which is fun!

All the things that are stored in this apartment are accumulated in the design itself. The minimalist look is very calming and the uncluttered look is what the designers and home owners are aiming at. The most interesting part of this house is the fact that the walls are almost movable there is an amount of flexibility available that mounts to freshness and newness in the house.

You would impress your guests for sure in this lovely calm environment and everyone who once visits a home like this would like to drop in again to spend some time in this beautiful house. The kitchen too has all the necessary elements and appliances required to run a modern kitchen. The high stools with the kitchen counter are steel finish and they break the monotony of the color white and bring in some glaze. The brick wall in one of the rooms looks very artistic thanks to the way it has been stressed upon.

Large windows all over the house allow a lot of natural light during the day and a fabulous view of the surrounding locality by the night.

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