White Loft House with Innovative Bookshelves

If you are an ardent reader and a collector of beautiful articles from around the world, then you would also require a place to display your prized processions. Here is a beautiful and extremely useful bookshelf and display cabinet that allow you to show off your belongings with pride and also store them in a useful manner.

Abstraction Active Loft Smoothcore Architects Staircases

Here is a stunning loft house that focuses more on the bookshelves and other storage spaces across the living and dining area. The décor of this house is simple and in tandem with the white background. The walls, bookshelves, furniture etc are all in white and each book or crockery is well defined thanks to the backdrop.

Abstraction Active Loft Smoothcore Architects Spacious Cabinet

The most interesting part of this whole loft is that storage space is generated from the most unexpected areas around the house. For example it is quite unexpected to have bookshelves under the staircases but even that area is well used with the right kind of planning. The full size piano that sits right in front of the bookshelves renders an artistic and human look to the otherwise overdose of books, it somehow tones down the effect of heavy books that sit on the shelves.

Abstraction Active Loft Smoothcore Architects Skylet

The white staircases that take you to the terrace open directly into the terrace and hence allow a lot of natural light from the roof. Another interesting feature of this house is the house is the partition between the kitchen and the dining room. This whole wall is utilized in creating a display shelf for crockery and expensive cutlery and décor items.

Abstraction Active Loft Smoothcore Architects Seperator

There is glass at both sides of this cupboard and hence you can enjoy the view of your exclusive crockery and crystal ware from the kitchen as well as the dining room. Rest of the décor in this house is intentionally kept at bare minimal so that adequate stress is laid on the created focal points. The moment guest’s step into this loft house, they are welcome with warm natural light and a healthy display of books in the exquisite bookshelf and the stunning collection of cutlery and crockery.

Abstraction Active Loft Smoothcore Architects Piano

This house gives you a lot of inspiration to live your life in simplicity and yet display your charms through the things that inspire you. As soon as one enters this kind of a house, it is clear that the home owner is into simplicity and comfortable way of life.

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