Versatile LED Cube Light for Decorative Space

Today we show you new collection of versatile LED cube light for decorative space both of indoor and outdoor. Called The Cube Lamp is presented by Opulent Items. It is versatile piece that is sold as singles. You can get it with $350.00. When you have several cube lamp, you can use these lamp as room divider or wall bookshelves. It can be arranged so stylish and form into plant pot, seating at the patio or storage at the living room. Some books, vases and other small home accessories can be saved at this decorative cube lamps. For the next result is providing decorative space both at indoor and outdoor.

These stack able light cubes can be used outdoors or indoors. They are very versatile pieces that can be used for anything from seating to storage. These lamps are sold as singles. The size is 17 of Height x 17 of Width x 17 of Depth. This light includes 5 color screens for changing color (optional) and made of impermeable polyethylene.

The concept is great. Providing a functional lamps that can be used as a light and serve as stylish furniture at same time. It can be arranged and separated accordance with the wishes of the owners. Love this idea so much! Eye catching and creative!

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