Velvet Curtains – Luxurious and Practical

Of the many modern curtain ideas that abound, there are still many reasons to use the old fashioned velvet curtain. Velvet curtains can be installed in the home in several different manners, depending upon how you want to use them. If you have a room you do not want to receive much light, you can install them as black out curtains because velvet is such a heavy material. However, if you want to use them in your main room, you can install them as side curtains with a sheer curtain hanging between that can be opened or closed. This provides you with an easy method of keeping out prying eyes while still providing the room with plenty of light.

Velvet curtains have long been used in hopes across the country because of the luxurious look and the ability to totally block out the sun if need be. Thick velvet drafts were also useful in old Victorian homes with drafty windows, since the curtains were not easily blown about, effectively keeping the wind out of the home. Windows not fitted properly into the wall would often create drafts, which is a problem people solved by using velvet curtains.

Because of these gaps, velvet curtains have been useful in keeping out the drafts which usually happen on either side of the window. This is why velvet curtains were traditionally tied back around the edges of the window and this is how they are usually displayed in the home today. Of course, today we know that drafts can let in more than air, as pollen, spores, and other bacterias can invade our homes through windows that are not sealed properly.

These drafts are the very reason many canopies were installed along the wall of older homes and while windows no longer tend to create the drafts they did only 100 years ago, people still enjoy the look of a window being properly framed by velvet and so they purchase curtains in this style. Recreating the style is not hard, but you will need sheer curtains in addition to your velvet ones in order to complete the look.

Sheer curtains are designed to protect the room from sunlight more than a draft. Since the curtain is so light, it can be easily blown around and is practically see through, though it does serve to block all harmful UVA and UVB rays the sun can emit. Hanging the sheer curtain should allow it to be moved properly, so you can take it in and let it out without disturbing your decorative curtains on either end.

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