Valance Window Treatments (Windows Treatments 2019)

There are some great ideas out there for adding a valance to your bay or arched windowsValance window treatments come in all sorts of colors, styles and varieties they do not have to be the old flowery looking valances of the past.

They can be the great new styles and colors of today. You can experiment with your valance with ribbons, buttons, beads or lace to have your valance looking exactly the way you like it. The flip valances are one of the most popular window treatments for arched windows.

The flip valance slides over the rod with both sides of the curtain valance falling to each side. This way you can decorate both sides of your curtain rod so it will look nice from outdoors also. If you like a little sparkle with your décor, you can add the beads or buttons on the valance edges to make it stand out more than the rest of the curtains.

Windows Treatments 2019

You can purchase rods that come in a valance style that hook right to your wall. This way you can adjust any kind of window treatment ideas you have right onto the rod. This makes hanging valances much easier than in the past. Creating a layered look is simple with the valance rods just continue adding rods until you have the look desired. You can also hang these rods at different levels to get some attractive looks.

These are all simple ideas that will create great designs with your curtains and window treatments. You can also use valances over large door areas to create a warm inviting feeling. By only adding the valance to the top of windows or doors, you continue to let in light so it will keep the rooms looking bright and airy. This is particularly important when adding valances to very old homes. These homes are known for their drafts and holding in the heat and cold. It is good to keep all the doors and windows open to let the air flow as much as possible.

It does not have to be difficult if you are hanging custom window treatments 2019 for round, oval or arched windows. Use a curtain or drape that is slightly larger than your window and hang the rod halfway down the window. This will let light come in all the time from the top of the window. Usually these windows are located high up so there is not a privacy issue. They now how stick on curtains and valances for those of us that do not like to sew or hang curtain rods. These can be found in your local craft stores and they stick right to the glass in your window exposing the wood from the window frame. When starting any new valance window treatments do your homework first and it will help you make informed decisions about what kind of treatments will work best for you and your home.

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