Use of Colors in Interior Designing – Learn about their Meanings

As far as interior designing is taken under consideration, colors, shades and light are three basic components that play a key role in decorating a house. Interestingly, colors do have certain influences over our mind and different colors are believed to have different impacts on us. This is why when it comes to interior designing, it is important to try and make use of the best color combinations which will not only give a house or a particular room an exceptional appearance but at the same time will make people feel better based on the color(s) that are used in the decoration.

Usually the interiors designers use color wheels to pick colors and tones that will match properly. Now the colors that are used in case of interior decoration can be divided into three categories:

  1. Active colors (i.e. red, orange and yellow)
  2. Passive colors (i.e. blue, green and purple)
  3. Neutral colors (i.e. white. Black and brown)

In order to design the interior of your house in an effective way, it is important for you to know about the impacts of the different types of colors on a room. For instance, the warm colors have that tendency to stand out while atmosphere inside a room may appear calm through the use of passive colors. Here we are going to talk in brief about some common colors and their influence in interior designing:


Green commonly represents the nature. When used in interior designing to paint a room, green can create a relaxing and inspiring mood for the people inside. In the old ages, green was seen as the color of honor and victory.


Red usually represents passion. However, the meaning of red may vary significantly from one culture to another. For instance, in South Africa, red refers to mourning while in China they consider it as a sign of good luck. If you are actually fond of red, you can consider this color for interior decoration of your house.


As far as blue is concerned, it is a very common color that is widely used for interior designing. A room painted with blue is believed to create a relaxing and refreshing mood among people which may also provide a feeling of safety. Good reason why many police forces use blue as the color of their uniform eh? However, it is to be mentioned that blue is a cold color which is needed to be balanced with orange or yellow in case if interior decoration.


Purple is considered as royal color which is commonly used to decorate the interior of the children’s room. One of the reasons behind this is that purple is believed to play a positive role in developing the imagination as far as kids are concerned.

Yellow & Orange

Now if you want to use a rather warm color for the interior design, you may consider using yellow or orange since both of them are extremely warm colors. However, yellow does symbolizes jealousy and deceit in some society. In the past, executors used to wore yellow in Spain. Although this might not be a big deal for many but some people may take these issues under consideration too while using Yellow. In general, yellow and orange are associated with the sun and tropical fruit (i.e. bananas, lemons and oranges). So from that viewpoint, these colors can be considered to have positive impact in a house or room when used for interior designing.

White & Black

White is widely used for decorating interiors which usually represents kindness, loyalty, purity and peace. However, in some society (like in China and Japan) white symbolizes mourning. But that can be the case for the other color too. For instance, yellow, blue and black are also considered as the colors of mourning or symbolize that aspect of life in Egypt, Iran and Europe respectively. Black is a color of mourning in America too. Walls should not be painted in black. However, sometimes black furniture is used in interior decoration as some believe this color to create the feeling of wealth and strength.

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