Underfloor Heating: Is It Right For Your Home?

Nowadays, people are considering underfloor heating as the alternative of heating system. It is great option for traditional radiators or for hot-air. If you want to renovate your home, it costs rather affordable.

  • What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating can be described as the ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ system. ‘Wet’ system is when warm water is pumping through the pipes under the floor. While ‘dry’ system is when the electric coils are placed under the floor, actually the basic principle of underfloor heating is on the heat rising.

Here we will see the pros and cons of using underfloor heating and also things you should know about this type of heating.

  • The pros and cons of underfloor heating

For some people, they may think underfloor heating is something luxurious. Usually, hotels will have this heating system. They use underfloor heating for heating the room, the bathroom in the cold day.

Since underfloor heating is one of the best fitting for home, it is also placed hidden and cannot be seen. It is done with the mess of radiators. It is very effective choice for you to heat the room.

The radiators distribute the heat all around the room; the heat is quickly spread to all the room. Moreover, good underfloor heating can heat bigger space of room. The radiators work the best for you to get its benefits and effects of the heat.

The radiators need water to be always in high temperature so that it can work more effective. If not, underfloor heating can do on lower temperature. You can install the heating by yourself. Typically, the works are about the tiles and stone. It is so well-known for bathrooms.

The biggest problem as the cons of underfloor heating is on its cost. The system itself is not the problem, but the installation. You will spend much money as if you build new home or it will cost much if you have finish working with your floor.

If it is lower temperature, the underfloor heating will need more time to heat the room. So you also need a timer with it. Moreover, you should prepare specific space to place it in the floor since the system doesn’t work for all fittings and furniture.

  • Installing underfloor heating systems

As it said before, you can install it by yourself, of course not to waste too much money as well. Essentially, you should place the underfloor heating mats or cables over the insulation. If not, you will heat the ground.

You can choose the type in which go well with your floor. Different types will work with different floor too. However, for some people, they may not be confident enough to do by themselves. If you are one of them, you can ask for professional to help.

You should get the professional electrician as well for the electricity supply. The electrician will help you in connecting sensor to thermostat too. For water-based system, don’t install by yourself. This installation of underfloor heating need to lay the pipes, connect the boiler system and also raise the floor.

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