Tips and Solution Smart Build Modern Stairs

As elements of a building, the stairs can have the form and the use of different ways. In architecture, the ladder has a standard size. Howeve, it needs to be adjusted to the size of the body anotomi people living in the house. High footing ranges from 15cm, 17.5 cm, and 18.5 cm. Or between 19cm – 20cm for users who bertelapak big toe.

The width of the stairs were varied. Ranging from 75cm, 90cm, 100cm even with adjusting the area of ​​the room. Minimum and maximum scale needs to be adjusted to your comfort while stair tread.

Currently stair design is constantly changing along with the needs of the space and lifestyle homeowners. Appliances may be exposed to more creative and as an alternative to the light path. Ceiling stairs made ​​transparent, then rung the gap left open in order to facilitate light illuminates the room.

Well, in building stairs, there are three considerations you must know.

1. Placement ladder must be fitted

Placements are easily accessible and do not obstruct the traffic. It is not waste another room. If necessary, a ladder just be the solution to outsmart the narrow space. For example, the ladder becomes limiting antarruang so no need to partition or wall of separation commonly used to divide the room.

2. Strong Construction

Construction of the ladder should be strong. Strong receives a load of people and goods carried him, shakes under the weight load of the building, as well as a load of construction materials staircase itself.

3. Waking up the functional ladder

Smart design meant to be complicated. The design can be attributed to a simple, not crowded ornaments, and easy- built construction. The complexity of the design and form of construction will have an impact on the cost and processing time.

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  1. I find it awesome that you recommended creating stairs whose design reflects the homeowner’s cost and can be built in a short amount of time. In my opinion, one can get help from a contractor to get this done. With their help, they can create one that will make a home more accessible, such as to those who use walkers or wheelchairs.

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