Tips Leaving Home When Vacationing (Summer Holiday)

Welcome long holidays many people who plan to travel with family. If you are among those who want to spend the holidays out of town, would leave an empty house alarmed.

So that you feel comfortable holiday from the thoughts that interfere with the following tips you can do:

Trash can

Make sure the trash in the house has been cleaned, do not let any trash as long as you leave the house.

Pot Plan

Move potted plants and flowers in places exposed to the sun and the rain-washed.


Disconnect the car battery if you want to travel for a long time and dropped off his key to the neighbor you trust. If at any time an emergency occurs, your car can still be saved.

Automatic doors

Switch to a manual system and turn off all automatic panel so as not to be abused like the fence and garage.


Turn off all the lights, light a bedroom, bathroom, storeroom, dining room, kitchen, except the porch light. Because the dark house with no porch lights peneragan can provoke people to do evil.


Fast food rotting in the fridge such as fruits and vegetables should be removed, and clean your refrigerator.

Furniture Eating and Cooking

The furniture that had been used to cook washed and put in place. Clean also tableware, tablecloths, placemats and neatly stacking.

Electronic Equipment

Check that all electronic equipment already dead or not, do not leave an empty house with lit electric appliance such as a stove burning electricity, irons, televisions, and others.


Close to perfect the flow of water so that no flooding problems as long as you leave. Check if the machine is connected to an electric water or not, if yes remove it.


Count the number of bags and what items you bring, make sure the amount is not reduced during the journey or arrive at the destination. Sometimes we neglect to pack the goods can be fatal.

Personal Equipment

Check personalized medicine, the tools P3K, permit, ticket, identity card, credit card, cash before you travel.

Door and Window

Make sure doors and windows locked. The door locks from the inside and the outside. If you have a security alarm system for your door can be attributed traveling. And last.

Ask for Help Neighbors

Enlist the help of your neighbors to come home occasionally check the door and around your home.

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