Tips for Designing and Staging Your Own Home in 2018

Would you like your home to look as beautiful and pulled-together as the ones you see in design magazines? Interior design is a process that takes some time to achieve the right look, but it’s time well spent considering how much of your life is lived out in your home. Here are some tips from a model home Interiors designer/decorator and Model home  Interiors stager to help your home make a great impression:

1. Make a floor plan — either by drawing on graph paper or using a site like to make sure you buy furniture and rugs that work with the size of your room. It’s easy to mis-judge the actual size of furniture in a showroom, where the spaces are much larger than in your Model home Interiors — ceiling height included! Measure all dimensions, including the height of windowsills to make sure furniture doesn’t block windows and to ensure all furniture pieces work together in your space in terms of proportion and scale. Leave a minimum of 1′ 6″ knee space between coffee tables and chairs or sofas, and a minimum of 3′ walking space elsewhere. Don’t forget to leave room for doors to open without hitting into furniture and lamps. or impeding traffic flow through the room.

2. Decide on a color scheme by either choosing an inspiration piece — art, a rug, or an accessory you love — or, alternatively, start with a piece of furniture you really like in a store and fit everything else around that. A great tool for trying out color schemes and styles of furniture as well as flooring and paint colors is You can make “style boards” using items on the site, or import your own photos of items to put into the boards. You can also hire a designer or home stager to do a color consult for you. They will bring in various paint decks and can work with existing or new furniture, drapes, and carpets to coordinate the whole color scheme, taking into consideration both artificial and natural light in your home.

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