Tips To Build Homes in The Remaining Land

Before deciding to develop the remaining land into something, it is better made a careful planning and regular. This is the manual steps.

Make Initial Sketch

Imagine your desires and translate into images, sketches, or scribbles on the shape, appearance and size of the changes that you want. Perform this activity in leisure time.

Search Example Building

Look for as many examples of buildings that interests you so that it can be used as a reference.

Consult Architects

If you know what you want but it is difficult to incorporate it in the form of pictures, ask for help from a consultant planner or an architect. Services of an architect not only create an image and calculate budget planning. But also includes providing design solutions to resolve the problem.

Create List of Events

Try to specify a list of work to be done. Develop any items of work becomes more detailed and specific. Calculate the volume of each. Advised not to make any changes and again at the time of development of the design process has reached the final stage.

Calculate Cost

By using the existing unit price, you need to calculate the cost of implementation. Unlike the relatively similar material prices, labor costs can vary from one contractor to another. It is influenced by the level of speed, neatness, and strength. For labor costs, ranging from 20% to 25% of the total material requirements. Wages could be greater if the process is mostly done demolition activities.

Create Table Schedule

Of the amount of work, schedule execution of work (time schedulle) to determine the total amount of time required to complete the construction work. Older workmanship is very useful as a guide to monitoring the work.

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