Time Saving Silk Flower Wedding Decorations (Wedding 2019)

Brides today are getting wiser when it comes to wedding floral decor. Brides of the past have always insisted on using fresh flowers in their bouquets and arrangement, leaving much of the work to be done the night before the wedding.

With more brides choosing to use silk flower wedding decorations (2019) however, they are saving money and time. Silk flower wedding decorations are beautiful additions to any wedding ceremony.

Silk flowers are much more time friendly than fresh flowers. They always look lovely, no matter if they are put into an arrangement two months or two days before the wedding. They last forever, allowing the bride to continuously cherish her wedding bouquet.

Not only do they keep well, but today’s silk flowers look more and more like fresh flowers. In the past you could tell the difference between fresh and silk, however it has become almost impossible to do so without touching the flower itself. The great part about these flowers is that they look great and won’t smear on your dress.

Silk flowers are also low-cost and can save on the wedding budget. By making these silk flower arrangements yourself, you will reduce your wedding floral cost by at least half.

Wedding Decorations Ideas 2019

Flowers are a great accessory to any wedding 2019, whether they be silk or fresh. The silk flower cascade is a great way to add floral beauty to your event. To make this item, visit a craft store and pick up your silk flowers, a silk flower garland, and a plastic bouquet holder.

Attach your garland to the holder first using wire or a hot glue gun. Allow the garland to cascade down the arrangement. Cut it to a desired length. Then, one by one, attach your flowers on top of the garland and fill it in until you are satisfied with the look.

Finish the project by adding ribbon where needed. These cascades are wonderful for pew decoration or for windows. Many times you can buy a pre-made cascade for a low cost at your wedding outlet.

Silk flower swags are also a great idea for wedding floral. The best trick for a do-it-yourself bride is to use wire coat hangers. Bend the coat hanger until it is in the shape of a hotdog. Then, using floral wire, attach your silk flowers and greenery until you get your desired look.

After attaching the flowers, simply bend the hanger until you get a desired shape and attach a loop to the back for hanging. In no time you will have created beautiful wedding decor 2019.

For a quick wedding decoration idea 2019, simply buy silk flower garland and use it in abundance throughout the wedding ceremony area. This can be draped between pews, under windows, or on the piano.

Silk flower wedding decorations are easy to use and can make your wedding look wonderful. They will also save you time and money as you plan your dream wedding. Follow these simple ideas to create your own original silk flower decoration.

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