Tier Curtains 2019 – Privacy With Sunlight

Windows in your home are very important not only for circulation and sunlight but they also make a room look better. Some of us don’t want to cover up our windows with anything at all but we do need our privacy. This is where the best thing you can use is tier curtains 2019.

They are mainly used in kitchens where privacy is necessary but not as crucial as privacy in a bedroom.

Modern Tier Curtains 2019

Tier curtains, also known as café style curtains 2019, hang on a curtain rod from the mid section of a window up to the bottom of the window sill.

This means that they should conceal everything going on in a room at least up to your height. You will be able to have a half bare window but no one can see you in your home and you wouldn’t be able to see them either.

It’s nice to have your privacy and be able to see greenery from the top half of your window while you sit and have your cup of coffee every morning. You will be able to watch it rain or snow and have all the sunshine you need. Outdoor people love this experience and feel closer to nature with tier curtains 2019. To top off all the wonderful benefits from this type of window dressing they can also look great. Small curtains like these give any room an open feeling with a touch of warmth and coziness. You can choose from gingham, lace, ruffled and much more. You also have the choice of the height and how high you would like it to hang. Many people also add matching valances for more decoration and dressing of the window.

You can hang tiers with tab top styles, eyelet or by using a standard pole the traditional way. The most common tiers are white or checkered but many like to design using their own taste. There are many choices for every style you need. For country you can use specific patterns and for other styles you can use creative images. When in doubt the best choice you can make is to use a ruffled white curtain made from cotton. It can be lace or just solid because white is known to be neutral and look its best with any theme, any style and any home whether it’s modern, retro, or country. Tier curtains are very friendly and will make you feel warm and welcomed during any time of the year.

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