25+ Super-Styled Curtain Models

If you watch any type of home improvement show on television today, you will have noticed that “window treatments” are one of the number talked about items when doing a room makeover, or renovation. There are a couple of reasons for this, as one they always help blend a room’s decor if executed properly, and two they are inexpensive when purchased from the ready made section of the many retailers that sell them currently. There are however, many variables to research when creating the perfect decorative statement for your window dressings, and those would be:

  • 1. Curtain Styles
  • 2. Curtain Fabric
  • 3. Curtain Hardware

Window Curtain Styles

The easiest out of all the curtain ideas you can select for quick and simple placement is the Tab Top Curtain, as they only require a curtain rod to be fastened above the window frame, and then the built in loops simply glide over the rod.

Eyelet Curtains are the next in ease of assembly, and quite frankly probably has the largest selection of pre-made curtain panels available on the free market. There is only one extra step that needs to take place over the tab-top variety and that is installing the curtain rings to hang on the drapery rod before placing it on the frame of the window.

Custom Style Curtains

If you have exhausted your search for the perfect window panel application then you may want to employ a local artisan that can create your drapes from scratch. As they are usually not a designer but merely a person that knows how to sew well with their Pfaf 360, you will have to select your curtain material, hardware, and any accessories he or she needs to complete your custom style curtains.

If you are going to the expense of the customized route then consider stepping up the style with pinch pleated, or pencil pleat curtains to add an air of elegant decor to your room. The may cost a smidgen more, but are worth the appeal and formal appearance they can offer a living room, dining room, or master-suite.

Curtains Styles For The Kitchen and Bathrooms

You can still keep a similar theme through out your home, but the style in the Kitchen will always be a tiny bit different, from other rooms. The cafe curtain is the number type of dressing for the window right above the kitchen sink. They are usually made to cover half or two-thirds of the window, which will allow a good percentage of daylight in while giving you semi-privacy from nosey neighbors or the meter reader when they come for their monthly visit.

Similar curtains work well in the bath or master-suite spa, especially if you can match the shower curtain and window panels. If you have taken the custom route than your drapery tailor can make a shower curtain models with the same material, and then all will be needed is liner to prevent material from getting wet when bathing.

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