Striking Living Room Designs – Modern and Trendy

A living room as stunning as one of these is what sets a beautiful backdrop for any living room (2019). They are not so hard to create and maintain, all you require is a set of interesting ideas and some expertise to create a wonderful ambiance. Being imaginative does not pay any better than these. If you are willing to take risks in your imaginations and incorporate a stylish and functional living room design, then there is nothing that can stop you. These furniture ideas featured here are all extremely different and unique. You would also notice that the décor of these living rooms is a lot dependent upon the lighting. A room with perfect lighting enhances its looks manifolds. The neutral color schemes teamed with perfect lighting and simple yet stylish furniture together creates a wonderful appeal. You can also glamorize the simple living room setting with shiny chandeliers and spread a few designer cushions to complete the look.

The modern living rooms displayed here are mostly using furniture that is rounded and stylish. The soft and neutral shade of the furniture is soothing to the eyes and they look very chic too.

Living Room Design

There is youthful energy and ambiance is extremely bright in each of these living room designs. The living room design can extend to the other parts of the home too, such as the kitchen or dining room exuding the same amount of positive and youthful energy.

Living Room Colors

Another living room featured here the one that has plum and white color combination radiates warmth and beautiful sophisticated style. The black and white living room design is gracious and extremely stylish again! With the soft and flowing transparent white drapes creating a personal and classy appeal. The red lampshades and the huge green indoor plant add the desired colors in this living room making it lively and fresh.

The most impressive one is the patio furniture design with the futuristic looking living room that has huge staircases connecting the ground floor to the higher floor of this residence. The staircases design is equally unique and renders a fabulous backdrop for the entertainment section. The furniture in grey and white are simple and curvy and the grey color looks amazing in the all glass wall and green bushes in the background. The overall look of this amazing living room design is impressive.

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