Still Haven’t Taken Down Your Christmas Tree? #ChristmasTree2019

If you’re among the people whose heart fills with joy the moment the tree goes up, why put yourself through the pain of taking it down? There are countless ways to keep your tree seasonally up-to-date all year long, and if you have the space and desire to keep a year-long tree, go for it!

If you have had to move furniture from where it would ideally be placed to accommodate your Christmas tree, you may have to consider a location move.

Recreational rooms make a popular tree location for year-long trees as you can enjoy them while watching movies, reading, doing crafts or playing with your kids. You can even bring yours and your children’s crafts into the tree-decorating process, creating ornaments for every occasion!

Feel free to think beyond traditional Holidays such as Valentine’s Day and The Fourth of July if a personal holiday is at the same time of year. Of course, these have awesome tree potential as well, but an Anniversary Tree or Birthday Tree might be more exciting! A birthday tree might include pictures of the birthday boy or girl, an assortment of streamers and party favors, paper cupcake cut-outs, bits of wrapping paper from their presents – whatever you can dream up! And in addition to how cool and cute your tree will look, the whole family can stretch their creativity making it the best it can be while working together.

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Christmas Tree 2019

Spending quality, fun-filled time with your friends and family doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury. There are plenty of low-cost alternatives to expensive dinners, shows and shopping sprees that can keep us smiling between the big outtings. If a year-long tree sounds like a good idea to you, give it a try. Don’t put it on your ‘Someday’ list – you already have the tree up! And if you find it’s not your thing, or makes your Christmas tree feel less special, or any of the other things I’ve heard nay-sayers come up with as a reason not to do it… take it down. It’s that simple. But I’m going to ‘go out on a limb’ and say you’re going to love it.

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