Spacious Swedish Home Decor 2019 in Minimalist Style

Here is a sample of a Swedish apartment that would steal your heart for sure. This great example of Swedish minimalism. Located in Östermalm, a large district in central Stockholm, this apartment has four rooms in all, each one is decorated with an amazing taste for design. The first thing that catches your attention is the large patio with the classic table and chairs that goes great with the rest of the decor. With a hint of color added at various points, contemporary pieces of furniture and a highly contemporary kitchen, and large open breathing space all over the place. Lighting plays a major role in this home’s décor. Especially the kitchen is having a great lighting that is focused and dramatic.

While you are in this house you would not feel suffocated or crushed ever. The white color that prevails on the walls and ceilings create a serene environment. The texture of the dining table is smooth and shiny which gives you a great eating experience. The dining table is teamed with a wonderful over the top focus light. This light renders a wonderfully warm and cozy atmosphere. The flooring is done in wooden color.

Swedish Home Decor 2019

The large lounge is absolutely stunning and relaxing. The easy chairs in black against the light colored background are interesting. One side of the living room is full of large glass doors and windows allowing natural light to enter the house. The warmth and friendliness of this beautiful home is accentuated with the large green planter. It makes the room feel closer to nature and adds the beautiful green color. Another interesting element of this large living room is the set of paintings hung on the wall. Each one is categorically placed behind the dining table and the lounge adding the much needed color and glamour to this interestingly simple home décor.

Home Decor 2019

The most interesting part of this unusually calm house is the outside sitting space. The cane furniture placed outside is weather proof. The dark furniture is complimented with light beige color upholstery. The greenery around the sitting area is associated with the beautiful plant kept on the centre table. The canopy umbrella is placed along with this sitting arrangement so you can enjoy your morning tea or breakfast without being bothered by the sun’s rays. The environment is extremely friendly and serene.

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