Smart Curtain Panels for The Modern Home in 2019

A modern home is only as beautiful as its interior design and curtain panels are a big part of such design.

There are a plethora of choices and some styles are clearly above the rest. A lot goes into how curtain panels can look in a home, the details cannot be underestimated. Tab top curtain panels are an example of lovely curtains. This design can use a fabric that hangs to the windowsill or it can be full length.

Knowing beforehand what would look best on your specific window will save you time and money.

We’ll critique various panel curtains to make it easier for you to know what would look best in your own home.

Modern Smart Curtain Panels 2019

Door curtain panels are always full length, they also use a thicker fabric, this benefits in two ways. First insulation and secondly durability. Doors that get a lot of sunlight should use darker fabric curtain panels to prevent too much sunlight and heat from entering the room. Sunshine lovers might prefer a lighter fabric, anything whitish would be great. French door curtain panels are the exception to what was stated here. They will look better with a lighter fabric such as lace curtain panels. Doors that get a lot of wind and cold breezes could also use insulated curtain panels instead of regular fabric. These can either be foam insulated or lined curtain panels. These fabric reinforced curtains are thicker and will help prevent the cold from entering through your doors. Linen and sheer fabrics won’t do much in terms of insulation but they will be sufficient for privacy concerns.

Curtain Panel

Sheer curtain panels -2019- are a symbol of elegance. A fine example is when the overflowing valance sheer fabric is wrapped around an elegant curtain rod. This particular style would look so gorgeous in a spacious master bedroom.

What would look equally gorgeous in a bedroom are silk curtain panels, although differing from sheer they both achieve a graceful style. Velvet curtain panels may not be as delicate or fine like lace and sheer but they are by all means fashionable. A velvet fabric is not only appropriate for the bedroom but would look nice in living rooms of dining rooms as well. It is a classic style and two-piece velvet curtain panel would look great on doors or windows alike. Velvet like lace and sheer is made from polyester but it is not as gentle. It is machine washable and with proper care will remain like new. Also velvet has the luxury of being offered in various colors such as red, brown, black any even green.

Shopping for and buying curtain panels is where it gets a little confusing. The confusion stems from pricing, fabrics and the different brands. Kmart and Wal-Mart will usually have the lower-priced brands while you can find something more upscale at JCPenney. Amazon and overstock carry both cheaper brands and expensive brands and usually offer good deals. As far as fabric goes, it is advisable to choose a fabric that you can take care of. Faux silk might be a more logical choice than pure natural silk. If you don’t mind spending lots of money on dry cleaning bills than by all means get something gentle like pure silk window panels. The type of window treatment accessories you buy will also reflect on how great, or not so great your curtain panels will look on your doors and windows. This cannot be emphasized enough, if you are serious about a smart and lovely style then take into account the quality of the curtain rods and curtain eyelets. The curtain panels you choose will only look at you imagine them to be if they are complemented with the right accessories and also hung on the right windows and doors.

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