Simple And Minimalist Apartment Design 2019 In Neutral Colours

Simple can be stylish too! A huge number of individuals are opting for the minimalistic look for their home and apartments. This look is extremely easy to maintain and never goes stale or out of fashion, since it is not over the top or overpowering. You can choose two or three neutral shades to design your entire apartment; colors like grey, white and oak never go out of fashion. To attain the minimalist look you have to keep in mind that the furniture you place around the house is functional and they do not look cluttered either.

When you are designing an apartment with the minimalist look it would be a great idea to have an open kitchen overlooking the dining area creating a feeling of space. You can get really creative and install mirror walls for the bathroom, as they make the bathrooms look bigger. Such contemporary design tricks make your rooms stand out and the look you get is entirely impressive.

Apartment Design 2019

Always keep in mind that your design is minimalist, hence it won’t make much sense if your belongings are scattered in the room. It becomes all the more necessary to keep the house or apartment clutter-free and have adequate storage space for each and every item of your need. The next thing to focus upon is the lighting, best way to bring about the attractiveness of your apartment is to install proper lighting at the right places.

House Apartment Design 2019

Great lighting arrangement not only enhances the look for your apartment they are very useful and functional too. Do not go for fancy chandeliers or light fixtures if your apartment has a minimalist look, rather stick to simple lightnings and straight line fixtures.  If you dress the windows with blinds rather than curtains they complete the minimalist look. Make sure to keep the colour of the blinds neutral and if possible keep them the same colour as the walls.  Transparent dining table and chairs add to the minimalist look. They look simple yet striking.

White counter tops and kitchen units make the kitchen look bigger and stylish. Proper lighting in the kitchen, dining area and sitting area is crucial. You can have some dramatic yellow lighting to boost the simple apartment look.  Keeping in mind these few points will help you design a house to your satisfaction.

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