Simple And Easy Bedroom Decorating Tips in 2019

Everyone wants a bedroom that is warm and inviting but not everyone knows how to get one. Here are four bedroom decorating tips that you can use to make your bedroom a great place to go when you want to relax and leave the world at the door as well as a showplace that can be the envy of your friends.

accents can give your bedroom that professional designer look in the most important accents in the bedroom of a decorative pillows. Use a variety of styles colors sizes and shapes that match with your overall decor and pile them up at the head of the bed. if you’ve tried this and it ends up just looking like a pile of pillows – use our guide for perfectly plumped pillows.

Candles are another great accent – they can add ambiance as well as color to a room and create mood altering scents. You can even buy candle stands that can give you sort of a faux fireplace feel but with candles instead of a fireplace. If you are into the smell but don’t want to use candles you can place little pots of potpourri around the room.

Neutral colors will give you a fresh look but bright colors can be bold and invigorating. The neutrals, however do have their advantages because you can make your wall and flooring neutral and then change out your accessories for different looks. If you use neutral colors you can simply change the bedding, wall art and other accessories anytime you want a new look without having to do or whole remake.

put more of you in your bedroom by gathering some mementos – either photos of fun things you’ve done, shells you’ve collected on a trip, antiques that you’ve collected or what have you and display them in shadow boxes around the room. You can use groups of shadow boxes for better effect but be sure to group them in odd numbers since a group of five looks better than a group of six.

Create Space
One bedroom decorating tip that professionals use a lot is to create an illusion of space by using cool light colors on the walls. These colors such as light blues greens and whites will make the walls recede which makes the room seem bigger. Be sure that you’re not using furniture that is too big for the room – perhaps a king size bed just won’t fit? removing clutter can make your room look bigger, neater and more professionally done.

These are just some simple and inexpensive bedroom decorating tips that are easy for you to try in your own and you’ll find more just like them throughout the site!

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