Residential House In Forest

You always feel comfortable surrounded by nature. You feel something meritorious and magnificent imagining that you leave in the forest surrounded by trees and plants.

This residential building of 1,033 square foot two-story was designed by the design group Parra + Edwards Arquitectos located in a beautiful forest in La Reine , Santiago, Chile.

House project called “Apollo 11 ” was finished in 2007 and was inspired by such concept: “designed like a ship that landed in a forest without touching it at any time and will undertake his departure, leaving the forest intact.”

The house itself is designed for housing but also may be oriented as the studio of electronic music. Living quarters are located on two levels with 6 x 9 meter floors, each 6 meters high and can accommodate a maximum required for a convenient and comfortable staying. Rectangular shape of the building was made as an element of “invisible construction” which disappeared in nature.

Architecture of the house created so that allows you to admire the beautiful scenery outside the window from any building level. Family which goes into this house has the opportunity to admire the magnificent forest view without interfering to the natural process of forest life .

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