Red Velvet Curtains in 2019 – Hot And Tempting

There is something about red that is very striking. It is the one color that attracts the most attention. This cherry color is used very often when one is trying to create a focal point or center of attention. Imagine how red velvet curtains (2019) can make a room look. They would go perfectly whether your room is all white or all black. Either way they capture all the attention. When using a rose color or even maroon the fabric you are using is extremely important in order to complete its beauty. With a very attractive color you will need to consider a very attractive material. Since red is an eye grabber you will need something tough and elegant like velvet to balance out.

Velvet is very soft to touch which makes this burning color friendlier. It can be made from different materials such as rayon, silk, or nylon. If you look very closely at it you will notice tiny loops kind of like how carpets look. Without a doubt the combination of red and velvet is very luring, romantic and stunning.

Daring is the first word that pops in my mind when I think of this kind of window dressing. I wouldn’t mind having it in my bedroom. In fact, as a designer I would add white lace underneath to soften this very loud color. We don’t normally see curtains in this color except around Valentines Day. So if you are working on a very romantic setting then this is the best you can do. You can use my idea by adding white lace but another color that would match beautifully with the red is pink sheer. There is no better way to add color than rose red. Surprise your loved one and show them your love with this new set of window treatment.

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