Red Curtains : A Selection Of The Best in 2018

Red curtains are a great way to add impact and emphasize your windows as well as your good taste. Of course, there are as many shades of red and color combinations as there are ways to use them but when you are making your choice between one set of red window curtains and another, color and style are the main things to consider along with pattern.

Shade of Red

Pure bright solid red curtains are just one possibility out of many however this bright scarlet red shade may be exactly the right color for your room if you have a red and white decor (or red white and blue patriotic or nautical style). Think poppies in a field and you will have the right idea – and you may even find red floral curtains featuring that very flower!

If bright red is too bright for your room, perhaps a cherry red curtain would be more suitable. This is slightly darker than scarlet and is a color which works well with both berry shades and black in contemporary interiors and with beiges, greens and browns in more traditional ones. You can also use a darker shade of red with wine or burgundy curtains, which go with similar shades but which tone down the brightness of the red even more.

If your room is a mixture of bright Mediterranean colors, with lots of orange, terracotta, yellow ocher and rust you might think about incorporating an orange red in your curtains and drapes, which will add the right tone to this look. These bright shades are not for everyone but they are sure to add sunshine to every room, whether or not it is a bright sunny day.

Patterned Curtains

Some of the popular patterns you might consider are

Red toile curtains : This design originated in France and generally depicts country and historical scenes in a subtle design on a white or cream background. It is a means of adding subtle color and classic style to light colored curtains.

Red gingham curtains : Red and white gingham is a classic simple pattern which adds the right to touch to a nursery or a country kitchen. You will find an example of red kitchen curtains in gingham below.

Red plaid curtains : As well as standard red and white curtains in plaid (where the pattern of checks is more or less a larger version of gingham), there are all kinds of plaid fabrics incorporating red which you might consider using for curtains. The first is traditional tartan which is often a dark fabric and therefore should only be used for formal rooms. You will also find red in bright modern plaids which are great for adding freshness and color to a mainly white room. Also look out for windowpane checks which have large checks in thin red lines against a pale background.

Red floral curtains : Floral curtains are always popular and you will find plenty of red curtains for sale incorporating flower patterns ranging from delicate chintzy florals, through traditional patterns with roses up to very stylized giant flower designs which are popular for contemporary interiors.


You will find all the standard window curtain styles represented in the types of red curtains available to purchase from sheer red curtains with a far eastern touch, through the rich notes of red velvet curtains, wonderful in traditional rooms, particularly in winter, adding a feeling of warmth and comfort and on to red tab curtains which are modern in style and great for contemporary bedrooms and living rooms.

Where to Buy Red Curtains

You will find a great range of red curtains online, and many curtains will be available with discounts and free shipping. It can be difficult to determine the exact shade of red from a screen so always take note of descriptive phrases such as “bright red”, “rust red”, “cherry red” even if the color looks different in the picture. There is a selection of red curtains for sale below, so you can get an idea of what is available. There are many more here if you want to browse further.

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