Pink Window Curtain For Girls Room (Curtain 2019)

If your daughter is to everything girlie then she will certainly appreciate pink window curtains in her bedroom.

There are many styles and designs to choose from from light pink to hot pink. It would probably be best to involve her in the decision because she might want a certain pink that you don’t know about.

Just show her what’s out there and if she’s into stripe colors than a lovely pink and whit curtain might be what she wants. Over time you can add to the curtain and maybe add a nice pink rug. And matching bed sheets would also look great in any little girls room.

Girls Bedroom Design 2019

If your child is very young then perhaps a window curtain that has their favorite cartoon princess or other female hero on it. You can usually find these online by searching for curtains and the name of the character.

If you are hanging up the curtain yourself then have her lend a helping hand. Kids tend to appreciate and take better care of fabrics when they were parting of hanging them up. It will also be a lovely memory and I’m sure when she get’s older and she revisits you she’ll remember the time that she and her parents hung up the pink window curtain. Depending on your budget you might also want to look at other colors of pink. This might be necessary if your child is into fashion. Some shades of pink that you kid might like might be shocking pink, rose pink, salmon pink, brink pink, cerise pink, dark pink, deep pink, persian pink or lavender pink. There are more shades but these are some of the more popular ones.

A word of advice is that an all polyester pink window curtain especially with shocking pink or hot pink will look gross. It will be too blinding so a nice mixed fabric would be better in this situation. You want something girlish but something that is ridiculously glaring and glossy will look more tacky than fashionable. But hey your little might fall in love with that style. Also depending on the fabric some are more manageable than others. If you want your girl to take care of the pink window curtain herself then a durable fabric might be the way to go. And as far as patterns go well, there is solid, stripe like I mentioned earlier and of course there are floral patterns. There are more of course such as plaid design and even new ‘groovy’ styles that you see in music videos. Whatever you go for just try to enjoy it. A curtain might be nothing significant to most people but you turn it into a nice family experience.

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