Philips Robotic Floor Cleaner

Philips FC 8800 Robotic Floor Cleaner is the slimmest robot vacuum cleaner that cleans up effortlessly under furniture where others can’t reach (Places where you don’t clean very regularly). With its slim design it reaches under low furniture and its long side brushes clean where dust accumulates. You can get the cleaner that is available in the market at the price of Rs. 17970 in Indian currency.

Design and features

Philips FC 8800 Robotic Floor Cleaner slim design of 50mm allows you to reach out to places that cannot be easily reached. The cleaner is also designed with the infrared sensors at the bottom of the cleaner which help it to move by itself and avoid stairs and move independently. The Robotic Floor cleaner has also comes with the feature as it has the ability to clean up wood, laminate and tile floor and especially it detects steps. One-button operation makes the Philips FC 8800 Robotic Floor Cleaner easy to use. The cleaner comes with extra long side brushes let it work deep into all the corners of the walls. The cleaner is designed with a warning indicator that tell you if the cleaner is stuck, a side rush is stuck or whether the cleaner has started without reaching the ground level.

Accessories and Power

The Philips FC 8800 Robotic Floor Cleaner has come with 1 filter output, AC adapter, 1 pair of brushes that makes the cleaner more effectively and conveniently done. The cleaner is designed in a slim model as it is built with the dimension of 30 cm diameter and 5 cm of height. Philips FC 8800 Robotic Floor Cleaner is featured with 14.4V NiMH/800 mAh as the cleaner takes 4 hours of charging time and offers you with 50 minutes of running time. The cleaner is also powered with the standby power consumption of 0.7 watts.

However, the cleaner offers with the facility of extremely handy to use and also it serves its utility very well. It definitely worth your pay.

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