Old (Provence) Furniture Design & Models

Provence” style  is one of the most popular styles in interior design. Why is it so popular?

Maybe our life in big cities are so exhausting that we dream to deep in peace and comfort, return to the childhood or simply find ourself  in the countryside,  sleep on grandmother’s bed , dine at the table made of real wood ,looke into the old wooden sideboard with carved doors in search of candy , cookies and milk… Maybe this voice of childhood  forces us to bring in our apartments some home atmosphere in “French country style” buying wood furniture and linen and a variety of decor elements from the rough ceramics.

Following this concept many manufacturers have gone further. Nowadays they bring to this style more fashion and chic.

Provençal” furniture is made of wood, but upholstery is not from a traditional flax in pastel shades, but with usage of bright, bold colored suede or velvet, which refers more to the style of Art Deco.

Fresh, eclectic union objects become no less popular than the traditional furniture in “Provence”style. Because now it’s  not just elements of the interior but main accent.

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