New Latest Creating Homemade Baby Shower 2020 Invitations

Baby shower invitations 2020 pre-define the ambiance of the event. They set the tone of the party and make the receiver aware how special this occasion is to you and how special you plan it to be for all involved. Homemade invitations for baby showers 2020 not only add to the beauty of the event but also depict the sender’s personal creative abilities.

You can make the baby shower look more special and add a touch of delicacy to it by simply sending a unique homemade invite.

Homemade invites are a fashion statement these days. These invites can be modern, artistic and stylish at the same time. If you are hosting a baby shower event for one of your family members or friends, they would love to see the amount of efforts you are putting to make the event a memorable one, and creating a home made invite 2020 will definitely make them fall in love with you even more!

Creating homemade invites for a baby shower is not much work as the event is usually not as big as a wedding but it’s definitely not as easy as going to a local card store and picking out and buying the designs you like. You’ll have to be yourself, different yet appealing, thematic and a little bit sentimental to come up with a design worthy of keeping in scrapbook. Following is a step-by-step procedure to creating vellum based baby shower invitations:

  1. You can start with finding a base page of your choice. 12 x 12 sheets are preferred but the design doesn’t matter. You can pick what looks best to you; to me baby print would be a perfect choice.
  2. Choose a semi-transparent vellum sheet of any color that goes with the base paper you chose. Selecting harmonizing papers can be the toughest part as it is time consuming and somewhat confusing. My pick would be a plain white vellum sheet with no texture.
  3. A theme is very important. I’d go for a rubber balloon theme. So a purple stamp pad with a cute little balloon stamp would make an uncomplicated yet classy theme.
  4. The next step would be to choose what will bind the vellum and base paper together. My pick would be brads of matching color. Ribbons can also be used.
  5. Now design the basic invite by filling out the needed information in a template design of your choice in matching colors with the base page and print them on vellum pages (4 per page). You now have 12 invites.
  6. You can now stamp or embellish them to further add elegance to it and then cut them out carefully.
  7. Now attach these basic invites to the base paper with the help of brads or ribbons and cut them out again.

Your homemade baby shower invitations 2020 are ready.  They may not be the absolute most expensive, but they will be the ones with the most love.

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