New Lamps Design – Swing Pendant Lamps

Here it is, if you are looking for a contemporary pendant light for you nice home, then I have an interesting article here. A beautiful pendant light design which called the Swing Pendant Light will impress you with its nice design.

Lately these days, I have got the information that this pendant light which called the Swing Pendant Light is made by Monochro Design Studio, the designer is Japanese. This lamp shade is also shown at the SaloneSatellite show in Milan. I really love the simple and bright piece of the lighting decor. I see that the pastel colored cages appear to be hovering mystically around their light sources, resembling a long ribbon. It is giving dangling lights a light and airy feel.

I think although they look great together on display, more than one in each room would probably be a bit excessive. When you see the image, might be you have the same opinion as me that this pendant light is adapt the shape of the beehive.

If you live in the apartment, even the smallest apartment has several rooms in need of lighting and most modern family houses have a minimum of ten interior spaces, not to mention the external areas that need illuminating, Then this pendant light can be a decorating heaven or hell, depending on how interested you are in lighting up your life, or at least: your special space.

My suggestion, in the living area of your living space, you can enhance the ambiance of the room and add the dramatic effect to any artistic features by alternating the pendant lighting with lamps or wall sconces.

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