New Best Simple Curtain Design 2019

Simple curtain design 2019 can give a finishing touch to a room. Since the living room is a public area where guests and family gather together, careful designing is needed. The living room is the first area where people enter. Creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere through the use of curtains is important.

Usually living rooms have larger spaces with large windows. The coverage of curtain in living space can have a huge impact in the whole room. Careful selection of colors and other design factors is needed in simple curtain design.

Designing with Living Room Curtains

The design or type of living room curtains that you should choose will depend on many factors. Listed below are some major considerations.

  • Design of the windows and room
  • Size of windows
  • Occupant’s lifestyle
  • Natural and artificial lighting
  • Climate and temperature
  • Design preference
  • Budget

Before purchasing living room curtains, study the design of the windows and the living room. The sizes of windows are very important to consider. Before purchasing take measurements of the window to be curtained. Small windows do not necessarily mean having smaller curtains as well. Longer curtains can be used for small windows to fill in bare spaces and to make the room look smaller. The character or theme of the room is very important when deciding on the living room curtains. Make sure to match the hue and style of the room as well. Lighter colors can make a room look larger but this still depends on the color of the walls.

Choosing Patterns for Your Living Room Curtains

If considering having printed patterns make sure it matches the carpet and other design elements such as decorative items. But having a plain and simple color is a good choice to give contrast and balance on living rooms that have patterned carpets and decorative items. Remember not to overdo patterned or decorative elements as well as always match the style of the living room curtain to existing items in the room so it won’t look off.

When choosing on the living room curtains consider lighting. This will involve the effect of artificial lighting and the natural lighting effects on the curtains. There are dealers of living room curtains that give samples on their products. Have several samples to see its effect on the living room area before finally purchasing.

Types of Living Room Curtains

Consider having thermal lining on living room curtains. This will not only prevent cold draft from entering but can also reduce the energy bills. Another feature that can be sought out for are the living room curtains with UV protection. Living room curtains can be hanged on the curtain rod on several methods such as tab-top or grommet.

Another consideration is the budget. Since there are assortments of living room curtains, its best to go window shopping or canvassing on the available living room curtains in the area. The more expensive types of the simple curtain design are usually made from highly dense or expensive threads. There are cheaper types of living room curtains available but be precautious and inspect first on the construction and type of fabric.

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