Modern Eco Friendly Home Design 2019

An environmentally friendly home is a new trend in the building of many houses these days. Keeping a green and eco friendly house would also ensure people to have a better and prolonged life because of the natural air that they get to breathe and the relaxing surroundings that they see each day. The building on an environmentally friendly home can be achieved with the combination of traditional techniques and advanced technologies. It does not only promote a green and healthy living for its dwellers. The house also has a very striking appearance that people would surely be able to appreciate.

The exterior of the home will feature some overhangs and arbors that are placed in different areas of the home. Many homes have these features to provide a beautiful ambiance as you look at the house from the outside. However, these are not only built for its aesthetic value because it would also be a part of the eco friendly system of the home. It would be nice to have arbors in a home since it helps in reducing heat and increasing the circulation of air in the home. There are various systems that can also be seen in the home such as the rain water filtering system, photovoltaic panels, and LED lighting. This house also has a roof top garden and an outdoor barbecue area for an entertaining evening.

This house also has large windows and glass doors. These can easily be opened anytime to allow natural air and light to come into the home. In having this capability, you will also be able to reduce the use of electricity in the house because natural elements can provide the comforts that one needs. The airy and bright appearance of the rooms would also lessen the need for people to make use of lights and the air conditioner. The wooden finishing that can be found around the home would aesthetically provide the natural ambiance that many individuals are looking for in an environmentally friendly house design.

Coming into the home, you will be able to sense the modern ambiance (2019) with the sleek furnishings placed in it. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all furnished with mostly black and gray furniture that are combined with a vibrant color. In the case of the kitchen, the island has been matched with a touch of orange to exude warmth and cheerfulness in the room. The orange bar stools would be a great standout when placed in a room with dark colored furnishings around it.

The bedrooms in this home present a pretty minimalist design with contemporary furniture and colorful wall arts. The master bedroom may appear very simple with one look. However, it provides extreme comfort by the people who will sleep in this room because of the comfortable bed and the good circulation with the windows that are placed on separate sides of the room. When entering the bathroom, you will be greeted with some potted plants to give the balance of natural beauty and modernity.

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