Modern Bedroom Designs With Turquoise Color (2018)

Turquoise – one of the most suitable colors for the bedroom, although this color is still not often used in the modern bedrooms. ” Aqua ” color as well as other shades of blue is the color of sky and deep sea; It’s commonly associated with harmony, faithfulness, and confidence.

Variety of turquoise shades perfectly matches with other colors what gives the opportunity to design the bedrooms in any color combination and style.

Luxurious combination of turquoise , gold or brown will give your bedroom an atmosphere of aristocracy and luxury. The classic combination of turquoise , white and cream colors visually expand the space and make the interior a touch of serenity and sea breeze .

If you prefer contrasting combinations in the bedroom then for this purpose turquoise color is the best choice. It brings some drama in pair with black and white. Also , turquoise looks fantastic with red or purple accents .

Turquoise can be used in the children’s bedroom , especially for infant. In this case, it can be diluted with bright pink or bright orange giving the innocence and brightness to the boy or girl room.

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