Marvelous Beach House 2019 At California Beach

Living in a beach house is a lot of fun and you feel a lot relaxed here. That is why most people like to spend their vacations at a beach house. A place where no worldly worries bother them, a place where they can unwind and just chill out without doing anything! Here is a beach house located in Malibu California. This one is simply stunning. Giving you a chance to be on the lap of nature this cute little beach house overlooks the beautiful blue waters.

The interior of this stunning beach house is done in white mostly keeping the serene and calm atmosphere a priority. You can spend your vacation with the family here, without having to go anywhere but the beach. If you are not in the mood to go out even that is quite fine as you can enjoy the lovely view of the beach from within the house or the luxuriously done balconies.

Luxury and comfort are the two most important things in this house. You can just have your drinks, read and sunbathe while you enjoy the terrific view in front. Most of the furniture and furnishing is done in white and superb earthy shades. There are huge glass doors that allow natural light to enter the house and it also makes the home very airy. All the glass windows are in cool marine shades that add glamor and color to the otherwise white interiors.

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The house is done keeping in mind simplicity is the best. There is no unnecessary cluttering of things. This amazing beach house could be your temporary abode while you are on your vacation at the beach. Such small bungalow style residences are extremely useful for a small family or a small group of friends. The mood here is leisurely and relaxed.

The terrace of this beautiful terrace is a nice collection of pots with green plants. The white sofa in the living room is well coordinated with a lovely collection of brown cushions and a matching centre table in dark brown color. The living room looks extremely bright thanks to the beautiful pink flowers sitting on the centre table. The ground floor balcony of this beautiful beach house is right across the beach so when you want to take a dip all you need to do is use the stairs and reach out to the beautiful waves.

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