Mallorca Antique Shop and Ideas in 2018

Mallorca is a popular tourist destination and an island where Northern Europeans have bought farmhouses (lincas) for decades. There is an established year-round community and there are many artist and craftspeople working in the towns and villages.

This is not a holiday home but a very old town house in Santanyi, which serves as home and shop for its owner, an antiques dealer who specializes in ethnic carvings, old doors, rugs, sculpture and art, much of which he buys on his travels around the world during the winter.

The house works perfectly as home and showroom: the vaulted hallway is used to display smaller items, and there is a very large gallery in the roof space, as well as a garage-like space on the side of the house where cupboards, tables, enormous doors and rugs are on show.

Little work had to be carried out, apart from installing a new bathroom and upgrading the lofty kitchen/dining – room, where wall-to-wall banquette seating is covered in rugs and cushions.

Cosy and exotic, the decorations is individual and personal. The garden is filled with decorative pots and an abundance of flowering plants. All in all, this is an enchanting place to live and work.

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