Lovely Sofa Set for Fashionable Living Room in 2018

It is cute sofa set which is created with fancy shape of one heart. The shape of this fashionable sofa also can be changed in several different ideas. All are depend on the wishes of the owners. It is pretty amazing sofa set with upholstered design in navy cotton with white leather piping. This fashionable living room sofa furniture brings new experiences and appearances for your lovely home. At each shape, the sofa is able to offer comfortable sitting and warm conversation with the family and guests. Narrow or large floor plan can be reached with different position of the sofa. See more detail of the changing position of the lovely sofa through images below!

It is fashionable living room sofa with a heart shape. The sofa also completed with a small brown wooden table to keep the vase, magazines or books. The table serves as simple storage. The sofa consists of two sides which are can be connected and separated, depend on the the owner’s wishes.

The Jo Sofa is a fancy sofa which is offering comfortable sitting in different position. It also gives different appearance for the space with unusual arrangement of two sides. See how cool the position at image above! The users have different side between each other. With that idea, the lovely living room will get more narrow.

Lovely living room sofa in here can be installed with V formation. Pull the heart shape into wide open. It provides the perfect piece to straddle two zones within a large open floor plan. This sofa also can be a nice divider between the living room and dining space if both of the spaces are located at same area.

Nice blue sofa in here give wider space for the living room. It gives the home space looks more spacious. The two sides of the sofa is connected with a big white sofa. That’s wonderful furniture which is able to give more comfort for both the owner and guest. It is modern living room furniture which is suitable for fashionable home. Attractive shape and bright color combine so fantastic and form into wonderful furniture piece for the living room.

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