Liven Up Your Walls With DIY Wall Décor Ideas

After achieving a dream look for your home, you would soon realize how this starts to become boring and monotonous for you. The familiarity with the look is the main culprit in this because you feel too used to how your surroundings are like. In addition to this, the colors on the wall will definitely fade after a year or so. Be able to avoid the dull look in your home by considering these options for a great DIY wall décor design (2019) for your home.

Have you ever thought of making use of everyday materials to make this one of a kind work of art? This design employed paper towels to create the textured design for the wall. It can be achieved by forming damp paper towers into figures such as geometric patterns and floral designs on a board.

It would be like forming a shape using clay. This can be left to dry before putting up against a wall in your home. You may also infuse some colors by painting these designs to make the texture pop out.

Some people would even be so surprised to learn that the things that you usually throw away would turn out to be the best art work for a wall décor. Before putting shoe boxes or tissue paper cores in the trash, you may want to try this work of art. On the white painted wall or ceiling, put together some tissue paper core to form flowers or other interesting figures. After learning about this art, throwing away these things would be the last thing on your mind.

DIY Wall Décor Ideas 2019

For other interesting DIY wall décor ideas, you may want to try this fun way to paint. Enliven your window panel with the use of the bubble art motif to paint it. No matter what color of bubbles, you would be able to gain a modern appearance to your window panel. You may even encourage children at home to take part in this project. When painting windows with bubble paint, you may choose water based paint which can be used for the indoor window. After a few months, you can easily wash and wipe it away and cover it with a new design for that alluring modern vibe.

Surprisingly, the image of the DIY wall décor (2019) has created a very modern theme with the use of things that can be found in the house. Another design that can delight you would be the use of the potato prints to make the colorful polka dot prints for the wall. It may look like such a simple motif but it presents a very sweet and dainty looking wall art.

The use of cupcake wrappers is such a nice way to decorate a wall in your home. This can be achieved with the extra ones that you have at home. The white ripple cupcake motif can create a cute indoor wall décor that can be uniquely made on a painted wall. By sticking cupcake wrappers that look like floral designs on the wall, you do not need to have it painted to get rid of the faded look because through this, you are able to enhance it.

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