Let’s Change Display Design Your Apartment

The apartments were occupied at this time was unremarkable. Even seen monotonous layout and design. If you have this, you certainly want to change or renovate.

But you are confused what to do in renovating apartments. Well, here are some steps to change the look of the apartment according to your wishes.

1. Determine your needs

Do you want to expand the living room? Perhaps you also want to change the location of the pantry? Make a list of things you want out of the renovation, as this will help you determine priorities, including calculating the expenses.

2. Checks plumbing layout and structure

Generally can not just renovated apartment. There is a provision of a manager who can not oblige to remodel certain walls, or replace the wiring layout. Understandably, the structure of the unit with other units interconnected. Collect information about the structural, plumbing including installation of cable lines that exist, because then the architect or designer can make the design more closely.

3. Check the items to be stored

Check the items stored in the unit. Are these items still be used? Prioritize important, because if no unit apartment renovation result remains to be seen packed goods.

4. Choose furniture that fits

Make sure the furniture fits the design and function of the living space. If necessary, ask the architect or designer create a simulation model that will be placed in one chamber. Take a look at the reference of the interior of the internet and magazines for inspiration. If space is limited, choose multifunctional furniture that is suitable to support activities, and can be storage for your collectibles.

5. Information designer

You need a partner for the design and implementation of the renovation work. Information on the interior and contractor services can be obtained through the magazines, the internet or even ask acquaintances. Check their track record prior to the contract. Feel free to discuss more intense, so that you can recognize the depth of style and way of working architect or designer. If necessary, ask him to perform simulations to measure the ability of design and design tastes.

6. Ask permission to the caretaker unity occupants

Renovating apartment units require a permit to building management. In addition, you should also take care to permit occupants of unity, which is equivalent to the RT in ordinary housing. Renovation plans should also inform the neighbors to the left and right , because the process of remodeling might be disturbing their comfort.

7. Checks implementation schedule

Usually the building management requires implementation of renovations taking place on weekdays from 09:00 until 16:00. Weekends are usually dispensed renovation process to ensure the comfort of other residents. goods and equipment renovation was not to be scattered in the corridor area, because it can interfere with neighbors. Tell the schedule for implementing the renovation project.

8. Earn temporary shelter

In order for the renovation process is rapid , and you are not disturbed by it , look for temporary housing . You can ride or rent apartments or rent a house ordinary friend . Keep the temporary shelter location close to your apartment, so you can easily keep an eye on the implementation of the renovation

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