LED Lights: Must Haves For Christmas 2019

When the time comes and you have to decorate your home for Christmas, before starting, give it a thought and decide what would you like the final result to be.

There are different styles of decoration, for example casual atmosphere, homey, natural accents, kitschy or retro feeling. Each of those decorations are different from the others, which means you have to try different versions and styles of decoration.

House Christmas Lighting 2019

1. The first thing you have to do is to decorate the exterior of your home. It is best to start the weekend after Thanksgiving. Follow strictly this advice, especially if you are living in a snowy area. Put your lights on the trees outside before the snow comes because once this happens, the whole procedure will be harder. You can easily wrap the lights around the trees or even hang them out. If you want to know about Christmas decoration ideas (2019), you can find more at Walmart.com.

2. Don’t forget to hand a wreath on your front door. If you are wondering how to get one, then you should know it is not a big problem simply because there are wreaths selling on each Christmas stores out there. In case there are any bald patches, you can easily cover them by using clusters of cranberries.

3. Now probably the favorite part of all people – the Christmas tree! Before choosing the one that will fit in your needs, it might not be a bad idea to measure the height of your ceiling. The best solution here is to look for a tree that is 6 to 12 inches shorter so that you will have a room to put a star on the top or any other decoration. Don’t forget to cut a half inch from the tree because this will extend its lifespan with 2-3 weeks. If you are looking for homey style, make sure you cover the tree with homemade ornaments and crafts.

4. Now it is time for the mantle and the fireplace. In case you have a fireplace, then you are well-aware of the fact that this area of your home has to be decorated well, simply because it takes a central area in your home. Good idea is to place two vases around the fireplace – it will increase the homey atmosphere. You can also put citrus fruits in platters around the fireplace as well. If you intend to use real fruit, you will have to replace them every 10 days or so.

5. Don’t forget to add poinsettias. Those flowers are really great because they are available in different colors – yellow, white, red, pink. Put a couple of pots together in the hallway of your home so that you will be greeted by shiny colors every time you enter. You will see that this is a great way to decorate your house.

6. Last but not least – add personal touches. Feel free to improvise and don’t fear to try any new ideas you have in mind. In most cases the result will be great and you will have unique Christmas decoration.

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