Kitchen Remodelling Ideas in 2019

If you have a small kitchen and wondering how much remodeling you can do to get the best out of it, then there’s really no need to worry. Here you’ll find some helpful information that can guide you with your kitchen remodel ideas and particularly with small kitchen remodeling because we know that that’s where the real challenge lies. So get that pen and paper to note down those important points.

When getting kitchen makeovers done or even when you’re only refacing existing cabinets, a lot of planning is required, just so that your kitchen is once again usable and in good shape. Therefore, before you start remodeling your small kitchen, you need to think about the design and layout of your new remodeled kitchen. These are not things you can decide as you go. If you absolutely have no idea about how to get started on the design and layout, try visiting a few showrooms or if you don’t have much time in your hands, at least try and check out a few photos that will help you get started.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Any Shape

Of course not everyone has the luxury of space in their kitchen. For small kitchen owners, there’s always a need for a compromise, either with storage space or with cooking space. This, in most cases, can depend on the size of the family. For a larger family, more storage room may be required than cooking space. Depending on this, you’ll need to decide on which of the two is more important for you in a new kitchen. Accordingly, you can design the layout of your new kitchen.  If you do have a slightly larger kitchen, not exactly classifiable as a small kitchen, you can also have an island in the middle of your kitchen. This will give you more storage and appliance space. Based on the size of your kitchen and the other factors we discussed earlier, here are some of the common shapes and designs for the cooking area: the L shaped kitchen, the galley type kitchen, the U shaped kitchen and the two-way galley type kitchen.

Kitchen Remodelling Ideas 2019

Each of the above shapes has its own advantages and disadvantages. A U-shaped cooking area, for instance will give you a lot of space for storage, while the actual floor room available for you to move around in your kitchen may be minimal. To make the right decision, you’ll need to picture yourself in each of the different types of kitchen and then decide what best suits you and your family.

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Small Kitchen Design Ideas in 2019

If you want to have a sitting/dining area for your family, that’s another thing you’ll need to factor into your initial layout and design plan. Even if not a full-fledged dining area, you can try and incorporate a small square-shaped breakfast table into one corner of the kitchen. Remember, however, that the cooking area will need the most light, and therefore, try and plan your kitchen accordingly. You’ll also need to decide where to place the fridge, the sink, the preparation area etc. Provisions for gas and electricity must also be taken into consideration in the initial plan.

Once you have the plan, you can then think of other cosmetic luxuries for your kitchen. Backsplash ideas can be one of them. While these are the most basic things to keep in mind before you start implementing your kitchen remodel ideas, what you make out of your remodeling is completely up to you. Think smart and implement effectively!

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