Interesting Pink House Decoration of a Beautiful Girl

Beautiful girl apartment is charming for a young woman style. Pink interior design gives younger feeling at this modern condo. She wants feminine interior décor for her living place. All furniture, accessories and other home ornaments were chosen in bright pink colors. It is cool idea to apply girly pink decoration at every space.

Living room, relaxing space, dining room, bathroom, bedroom even for the kitchen is decorated with pink. It is nicely inspiration for all women who loves pink decorating ideas. Cushion, lamp, cabinet, wardrobe, wallpaper, wall stickers and also the refrigerator dominated with this bright color. White kitchen set blends in harmony accents with pink wall paper in beautiful sight. As bright combination, white is chosen to accompany the pink side. Especially for flooring, white becomes perfect choices.

This apartment is a simple, clean and cute living place. Great inspiration comes from here. It is not needed pink wall painting for all space. It is only needed creativity plan like pink wall paper and stickers, cushions and other ornament or accessories. White accent will increase younger style of girly pink decoration. See more detail and get more helpful inspiration through several images in here.

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