Interesting Interior Design #2019 For a Spacious House

The Magnolia Residence borrowed the name from the Seattle neighborhood in which it was constructed. The three storey house offers beautiful panoramas of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Having the most important social spaces on the top floor, where the inhabitants can enjoy the view, makes the residence resemble a tower of privacy and comfort. The living room, dining room and kitchen act as the gathering place around the table for the family and guests. The open floor plan designed by Heliotrope Architects allows the three spaces to seamlessly merge in order to give the feeling of a unified space. The huge fireplace against this beautiful room and cozy wooden flooring looks royal and stunning. There is enough sitting in this room to entertain a big gathering.

To add to the party flavor is a magnificent piano, this living room doubles as a music room too. This house is a great place to hangout with friends and family in a cool and casual environment. This house has a great number of windows to let the natural light in, making the house very simple and friendly. The furniture is comfortable and much uncomplicated. That is the beauty of this house.

Interior Design 2019

  Interesting Pink House Decoration of a Beautiful Girl

The kitchen in this house is just fabulous; this huge walk in kitchen is loaded with all necessary kitchen appliances. A simple and comfortable dining table and large windows in the kitchen area make it airy and inviting. The bathrooms in this house are beautiful and massive.

The whole feel of this house is of the riches and you feel like one royal personality in this wonderfully large house. Private spaces- bedrooms and bathrooms – are situated on the second floor and are protected from indiscreet eyes. The ground floor features a garage and a front to back opening. The cedar rain screen beautifies the exterior of the house, bringing together natural materials and modern design. There is a great openness in this house which is very refreshing. You do not feel like trapped or is the house cluttered. The fresh environment outside can be enjoyed completely sitting indoors.

Interesting Interior Home Design 2019

This is possible because of the large windows at all sides of this house. If you are a private person you can surely pull some curtains, but if you enjoy the closeness with the nature. This idea of large windows is appealing and totally refreshing. You can enjoy all types of weathers in this fantastic home. There are a large number of innovative design ideas here that you can depict in your life.

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