Innovative And Fresh Ideas For Teen Room Decor 2019

Teens today are inspired by much more than we can visualize, and to keep their inspirations going we must create an atmosphere in the house that gives them space and freedom to innovate. This is possible only when they have their own room in the house. If you live in a mansion or big house giving a room to your teenage child is not a problem, but it becomes extremely important for people living in small apartments in the city to give that freedom of space to their teenager.

If you do not have an extra room for your teenager, try to find space within the house that can be re-decorated or re-developed into a small room. There are very many possibilities that you can explore. If you have a balcony which is spacious you can construct a room for your teen age kid over there. There can be never ending choices as far as designing the teenager’s room is concerned. You just need to let your imagination go wild and create a room for your teen which is unique and comforting.

Teen Room Decor 2019

These teen room ideas are photorealistic 3d from Spanish designer Sergi. As we all know that teenagers are very hard to please, these designs are unique as they are done in contrasting colors yet they are not over the top. The colors used are cool and liked by both the genders equally. Each of these designs show a new placement of furniture and storage so that you can choose the one most appropriate to your requirements.

Fresh Room Design 2019

White color in each of the designs tones down the effect of the colors green, violet, yellow and red to a great extent, giving a cool and sophisticated look to the décor. You can use oak, white or color of the wall for the cupboards and workstations. Each of these designs is different from the other giving you endless possibilities and options to play with. You can place a small lamp or big one as per your kid’s choice or you can simple have ceiling lighting which give an entirely modern appeal. Wall hangings and posters can again be as per the child’s choice as each teen is fascinated by a different star or celebrity. A good workstation is a must which seats the computer and accessories, books can be placed in the wall hanging bookshelves. Proper lighting and window blinds of the wall color add extra appeal to the entire look of the room.

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