IKEA Living Room Ideas 2019

A cool color palate looks extremely beautiful and is soothing to the eyes too. Here is a IKEA Living Room home designed in cool shades of white and blue, bringing in a lot of beauty and elegance to an otherwise simple home décor. The books and artwork on display in this house give a personalized effect. The kitchen and dining area are lively and refreshing. The white kitchen plays a subtle background for the kitchen items.

The little planters and pots, in the kitchen area and dining add freshness and greenery. When the background is kept as white almost everything looks pretty in the foreground and you can play with a variety of colors and textures, without really having to worry if it looks good or not.

One needs to be a little careful while playing with colors; you do not want to overdo it. There should always be minimal furniture and décor to keep the rooms look clean and neat. The furniture, furnishings and wall décor should totally paint a soothing picture not an over powering one.

Like in the living room shown here the entire room is done in white with some stress in blue in the form of cushions.

Ikea living Room Design 2019

There is a lot of fresh green color used in real plants and flowerpots that add not just color but a lot of fresh energy too. Rest everything is quite subtle. The rugs are in grey or beige and the furniture is just right. The rooms look bigger when you do not clutter them with too much furniture. The home owner seems to have a good collection of paintings and books. That is displayed beautifully and in an organized manner. The dining table is simple and the green chairs are again very simple and light. The décor of this house is minimalist and totally simple.

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The clean lines of the contemporary furniture allow the space to seem soothing and breathe fresh air. The blue and green accents running all over the house make it simply lively. The use of colors is extremely simple and has maximum amount of impact on the décor. The simplicity of this apartment’s décor makes it very inviting and homely.

If you wish to transform your home into a lively space, you can get ideas from here, without having to spend a fortune on redecoration or spend on the interior decorators fee. So what are you waiting for? Get started and transform your living space into a lively inviting spot for all your friends and relatives.

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