#Ideas #2019 Easy How To Design House and Living Room?

Are you dying to design your living room? Do you feel stuck for creating beautiful decoration? It is undeniable that many people are stuck to decorate their house, especially for beginners. This will happen if people know nothing as to fundamental concepts of decorating house. Moreover, when you feel stuck when you are going to design your house, you have to figure out the fundamental concepts of design your house or living room.


What are fundamental concepts of design house and living room? They are two basic concepts which are beauty and functional. Both concepts must be kept in mind because if you just focus on beauty, you may not get maximal functions. In contrast, if you just focus on function, you may not find the beauty of your house. For this, you have to keep in mind both concepts before you are going to design your living room.

Moreover, here are the ways to design your room ideas. Let’s check this out!

To start, you have to assess the size of your living room. When you have smaller living room, you should try to create single conversational area and you will begin the decorating from that area.

Meanwhile, if you have a larger living room, you will potentially get chance to create several activity areas. Moreover, the furnishing must be arranged to reflect it—at least you have to arrange seats for six people.

Easy Design Living Room Ideas in 2019

After sizing, you have to consider the focal point. This is so important when you are going to place your furniture. Remember that everything will revolve around the choices for your furniture along with its focal point. You may create fireplace, an entertainment center or even window or doors open to outside. Try to group furniture around focal point. You can start with a couch and a couple of chairs. If it is possible, you can add a love seat and coffee table.

This will create more intimate, conversation area with a couple nice armchairs and small table. Meanwhile if your furniture is worn out, you can re-modify it by using new slipcovers for your sofa and chairs.

In addition, don’t forget as to the lighting needs. Try to combine overhead lighting, recessed or track lighting to highlight focal areas. Also try to add lamps that appropriates.

Therefore, decorating your house will not be hard anymore, if you take consider the ways to design house and living room as described above.

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