How To MODERN Decorate Tiles #2019

Normally, when we want to give a new air to our decor always we begin by painting the walls, buy new furniture or restore what we have to give them another aspect.

In the case of bathroom or kitchen usually always give us more lazy that toilets and appliances are not changed by a simple decorative fad, or not the tiles 2019.

And that is where he wanted to reach, that the fact that don’t go to change the furniture or walls does not mean that you can not give a new look to your kitchen or bath.

The best thing for this case is decorate tiles 2019, something you can do yourself and which is much easier than you think, as well as fun, so take your imagination fly and reserve a little of your time free to get you hands to work. I give you a couple of truquitos to get some decorative tiles on the basis of a simple white or whatever monochromatic:

-Grab a brush and decorate them in a special way, depending on the skill you have to paint. If not much control the issue and do not want to risk, just put a few drops in a random manner, you be very original and is very simple to do.

-If about the painting you are given well, try to do some cartoon of flowers to an average height to make you as a frieze. This option is the most original and that you will be better, but if not you well it is better that you try other things.

-In all the shops of DIY or paint you can find paintings for tiles, which have a special enamel and a glossy finish, which will form a perfect set.

-With regard to the colors, dependent on those who they choose give them a touch or other tiles. With soft colors such as yellow or light blue have a sense of harmony, with blue or red a more daring air, while if you want something elegant bet for the beige or white, provided that the tiles are not this color of course.

-If you don’t like the option of painting, he chooses to put any sticker, you can do so as a whole they form an image or only some sautéed in different tiles 2019.

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