#2019 How to Decorate for a Wedding And Make It Professional

Getting married can be a rough time and learning how to decorate for a wedding may not be high on your list!  However, with just a few careful hours of planning, you too can know exactly how to decorate for the wedding of your dreams on a budget you can afford.  See our other article for more information on budgeting for your wedding.

Professionals that know how to decorate for a wedding aren’t geniuses.  Professionals simply know what works with what.  For example, you wouldn’t decorate for your winter wedding (2019) with bright yellow spring daisies, that’s plain silly.  A better winter motif would circulate around a deeper jewel tone and perhaps employ deep red roses as a base for the wedding decorations.

How to Decorate Wedding 2019

There are lots of different ways to decorate for a wedding and keep it professional looking.  The most important thing to keep in mind is your theme or motif.  Narrow down the type of themes, location or time of day that interests you most for your wedding.  Then decide what will work well with what you have chosen.  Once you have something to work around such as a Victorian theme, a beach wedding or an evening wedding, everything else will begin to fall into place and you will have a wonderful wedding.

Time of Day or Year

If the most important thing to you is to have an afternoon wedding in the summer, you will want light time and season appropriate wedding decorations.  Perhaps you will center your theme around daisies, a Hawaiian theme or a theme that incorporates yards and yards of toile.

You will instinctively know how to decorate for your wedding’s time of day, think of the clothes your guests might want to wear at that time of day and go from there.  For instance, at an evening wedding, your guests will be inclined to wear evening dresses and more formal attire.  You might consider having a black and white affair and definitely more elegant wedding decorations.  For more help on decorating for the time of year or season read our article “’Tis the season.”

Wedding Location

Your wedding’s location plays a huge role in how to decorate for your wedding.  Although many venues lend themselves to different wedding motifs, if you choose to be married at the beach, you may want to consider a tropical theme or if you are to be married in the desert an American Indian theme or East Indian theme might be more suiting.

If your wedding location is say, in a garden, you have many options to choose from for your garden wedding decoration.  You could decorate around a theme such as Victorian, Asian or fairy tale.  All of these themes would be easy to decorate for, the toughest part is deciding.  See our informative article about decorating for certain locations.

Wedding Theme

If you are considering a theme wedding, in order to keep it as professional as possible without leaning to the homemade side of things, try to keep it simple.  It can be very easy to overdo a theme wedding.  If you want a Cinderella wedding, keep everything in that genre, but there is a point where themes can be overwhelming.  Gentle reminders of what the theme is will keep your guests entertained by it instead of overwhelmed.  Professionals always pull off themed weddings because they know when enough is enough.

The most difficult part about decorating for a wedding is not how to decorate for a wedding.  Instead, it is being able to narrow down your theme because surely you like a lot of different themes.  Once you settle on one, you are ready to start decorating for your wedding.  See our compilation of wedding theme ideas.

Make Beautiful Wedding Bouquets with Wildflowers

Flowers are the ubiquitous accessory to weddings, and for good reason. They make a statement and create an atmosphere for the couple and their guests.  Well what is more beautiful than a bouquet of wildflowers? Creating this gorgeous bouquet of wildflowers is easy for anyone.

Bouquet Shapes and Styles

First you will need to decide what flowers you will want and what shape or style of bouquet fits you the best. For example, you could have a hand tied style, which conveys natural and simple beauty, the colonial bouquet, the standard looking style bouquet held right in front in a neat little bunch, the small nosegay, quit like the colonial but smaller and held somewhat to the side, or a cascading style, one that hangs down in front. Cascading is a very popular and beautiful style and hand tied is also very appealing for wildflowers. One can use any flowers they would like and any style. This article will use the cascading style and the simple daisy.

Creating A Cascading Wedding Bouquet with Daisies 

Daisies are simple, beautiful and a great wildflower. For this particular cascading bouquet you will need a plastic foam floral bouquet handle, available at the nearest arts and crafts store.  A great idea is to pick a variety of colors for the daisies because some might feel that all plain might be to boring. Good common colors are purple, pink, and white. You will find that there will be different shades of each color that might coordinate very well with each other in this case it would be great to throw these shades in there for more eye appeal.

Once the daisies are picked one you can arrange them in a way that appeals to you. A great idea is to bunch a color around the outside and work in with the others in a circle pattern, but not perfectly circle its more natural when you weave in and out a little. A round the outside of the bouquet add Ivy to the bottom so it cascades down in front, some green leaves will also be beautiful all around if it seems more appealing. The ivy adds to the wild look of the flower and a plus is this cascading effect is slimming in front. After the flowers are placed in the foam piece you will have a gorgeous, simple wildflower bouquet that is sure to make people talk.

More Wildflower Wedding Bouquet Ideas

This style will work for any flower big and small for example, another great flower to use would be Lilies just a few big colorful lilies with babies breath and ivy really conveys a feeling of wild beauty. Or for the more wild and energetic seeker you can pick a hand full of all different wild flowers of all colors and simply tie them together with some stunning ribbon that will hang down, this style is easy but looks like it took hours or even days to figure out and complete. The decision is ultimately up to the bride whatever fits her most, whatever the choice may be wildflowers are a guarantee hit at such an event.

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