Guide on Creating a Multi-Colored Rainbow DIY Origami Crane Curtain

It is likely that you have heard about Origami. It is a variety of art having Japanese roots that activates the artistic side in all of us. By the simple folding of some paper sheets with care you are able to generate splendid tools that will stimulate your creativity outside limits. In this article, you are going to witness a comprehensive guide on the way of creating a multi-colored rainbow DIY crane curtain.

This is capable of transforming your interior in a way that you can’t describe.


Regardless of you planning to present your workplace studio with a truly exclusive asset, make use of it for the décor of your child’s room/ merely have a family unit DIY job for the living room, you’re invited to reflect on this exclusive wonderful design idea. Visualize how multi-colored, transient, and fleeting the kitchen-dining space, hall-living space, and the hall-workplace transition wall would be on being boosted by an Origami Curtain of the kind.

Steps required for the making of the cranes

Below, we discuss a number of steps that are going to be of help to you in generating the huge number of cranes required for the job.

  • 1st step – Get started with a regular piece of paper that you can cut a square from. Next, fold over the four-sided figure in half diagonally.
  • 2nd step – Fold up in half starting from the right to the left slantwise once more.
  • 3rd step – Now simply extend the pocket outward from the within and fold for making a petite square.
  • 4th step – Turn the paper over
  • 5th step – Fold over Point B on top of Point A, while you fold the paper pleat inward such that point C comes in contact with point D.
  • 6th step – This step is the complicated part. Fold up the left & right corners in the direction of the center line down the length of red valley line and follow by folding the top turn down the length of the blue valley line.
  • 8th step – Open up the pocket by tugging the bottom corner upward and fold up inward down the length of the crease. Some creases could get inverted.
  • 9th step – Be cautious to score the borders & corners evidently, this is going to aid you. Turn your paper over and go over Step 6, 7 & 8.
  • 10th step – Double in the lower flutters created in the 9th step. Now you’ve the base.
  • 11th step – Make certain that you’ve the right side upward & valley fold on top of the dotted lines by the use of just the top layer.
  • 12th step – Simply turn over
  • 13th step – Simply go over step 11
  • 14th step – Just do a reverse fold at the speckled line for forming the head now.
  • 15th step – faintly and cautiously unlock the side upward and fetch the head part upward
  • 16th step – Bring upward at this point & press downward.
  • 17th step – Do a reverse fold over at speckled lines for forming the beak.
  • 18th step – turn the winds downward into the preferred position.


You have made the origami crane. Now, you require repeating and before ling you would be doing it sans the guide.

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