Green Wall Planter For Inspiring Indoor

You can make your indoor space looks so green and fresh with vertical garden such as wall planter. It is inspiring natural interior design with green environment. For that reason, Greenworks create wonderful wall planter which is installed at indoor. The planters can be used to decorated the space. It can install at the wall or used for divider of the space. It also can be used to create natural corridor at a big private residence. The vertical garden brings outdoor environment into inside and give alive for the interior decoration. The garden is available in both of high and short wall with long shape. It so neat and beautiful for indoor green landscape. This plant can be installed at home space, office and public building such as hotel, exhibition hall and others. It give cool atmosphere for the space and the eyes who enjoy it all the time.

The planters can be installed start from the floor until the ceiling. So many green plants offer wonderful appearance for the eyes. It has automatic watering system which is adjusted with the timer. Colorful planters from different types can be added to get more exotic landscape of the wall divider.

Green wall planter gives wonderful interior and decorate the space. It also provides air cleaning, artistic and aesthetic impression, humidification, air evaporation and also sound absorbing. It makes the owners, employers and visitors have a beautiful day.

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