Galley Kitchen Designs 2019

What is it? Well, as you are reading this, I easily can assume that you already know somewhat about Galley Kitchen Designs. But if you are here for making yourself acquainted with it, well, I can assure you that you have come to the right place… it might not be the best place but better you can say!

Galley Kitchen Designs 2019 means (those who know about it better and want to get further info may skip these lines and may go to the list and descriptions given below. happy reading!) a kind of designs that can make your kitchen more spacious, really. It is also known as corridor kitchen layout and appears as a reliable way to decorate kitchens being rectangular or small in shape. Before going to know the Galley Designs inside out, just rethink about the term: Galley. Yes, this is the galley that refers to a kitchen in ship or spacecraft. You know in a ship or aircraft, the kitchen usually is a tiny place (comparing to the typical kitchen size in a home). The place may not be very big but a unique design can turn this little place into an all-will-be-fit place.

A creative designer provides a plan that allows a galley (kitchen) to take all the necessary furniture and commodities in it (usually) without breaking partition. Arranging the kitchen furniture cleverly, it is possible to make a kitchen or galley look-like more spacious and comfortable for cook(s). The same rule is applied now-a-days for the kitchens in homeship (home) or housecraft (house). You also may want to keep your food factory enriched with all the furniture and equipment along with keeping enough spaces for you and kitchen visitors.

This task is quite challenging undoubtedly but adopting Galley Kitchen Designs, it is truly possible to a tee. All you have to do is finding a trusted and reliable kitchen furniture shop where you can make an order to get a suitable Galley Kitchen Design. These designs are very suitable for small to medium sized kitchens. Another good side is, if you choose Galley Kitchen Design for your kitchen, just be sure that there will be an optimum use of every inch of your kitchen room. Now take a look at the basic things-to-know of Galley Kitchen Designs.

The Basic Dimensions:

  • A galley kitchen may be any length by splitting the kitchen into several work phases.
  • The length of the created triangle within which your working zone lies should be 8 feet maximum.
  • The breadth of a galley kitchen should be between 7 to 12 feet. And the minimum distance between furniture of both sides should be minimum 3 feet.
  • For a small family purpose, 3 feet is enough.

The Basic Elements:

  • Countertops or benchtops or worktops (British).
  • The cabinets should be as high as possible unless there is any particular liking exists.
  • The depth of the base cabinets should be at least 24-inches that comes with a perfect toe kick.
  • When additional storage is needed, the cabinets of upper level must be used.
  • The sink should never be placed underneath any upper cabinets.

Now let’s have a more clear idea about the triangle you will work within.

  • If you have a typical triangle in your kitchen, it (the triangle) should be equilateral.
  • You should place one element on one wall that is approximately centered in the middle between the other elements on the wall of opposite side.
  • Multiple refrigerators can be placed side-by-side as the central element.
  • With two elements, you can place a standard refrigerator on the wall.
  • You must place your refrigerator in a way so that the hinge of the triangle remains just outside corner of the triangle and you easily can open the door of the refrigerator standing from the middle of the triangle.

Some other things to know:

  • If your kitchen allows visitors to come in from the both ends, you will need more space to avoid chock-a-block (jam).
  • If you keep your kitchen open from on one end only, you will be able to arrange and use your kitchen more efficiently.
  • Your sink should be placed in front of and window or opening in the wall.
  • And of course, the lighting must be fit properly so that you can perform your cooking with a flat forehead!

It is the general description of Galley Designs for Kitchen. There are many other designs from galley kitchens out there. You easily can check those out by going to the right sidebar of this page where I have tried to describe some of the classy designs with clear images. All the image credits have also been given there.

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